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Welcome to Audiology and Hearing Aid Center of Gainesville

Welcome to Audiology and Hearing Aid Center of Gainesville. We understand it can be difficult to admit that your hearing isn’t what it used to be, but your family, career, and life are far too important to let denial get in your way. Are you ready to hear what you’ve been missing? We have the experience of 2 board-certified doctors of audiology and trusted solutions to get you back in the conversation.

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Complete Hearing Care

Audiology and Hearing Aid Center offers complete audiological services and state-of-the-art technology. Our board-certified doctors of audiology will fully evaluate your hearing to uncover details about your individual needs. From there, we will discuss your options and recommend a solution that’s right for you.

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Hearing Services for You

Our services include:

  • Hearing Evaluations
  • Pediatric Hearing Tests
  • Hearing Screenings for Veterans
  • Hearing Aid Services
  • Assistive Listening Devices

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Our Hearing Aid Options

Ready to treat your hearing loss? With an extensive selection of hearing technology, our professionals will find the right devices to fit into your lifestyle, budget and needs! 

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Hear from our patients

“The first day I had [my hearing aids] I wore them to work at Wegman’s grocery store. Hearing the bakery machine noises and the ladies at the coffee bar talking to each other was the first time I could hear those sounds from that distance, which is about 15 to 20 feet. The best part about the whole experience is that I understand what people are saying and I don’t have to ask them to repeat everything. My co-workers are thrilled that I have hearing aids, as is my wife.”

Earl Riley / Gainesville, VA

“Dear Dr. Diane Badua, Thank you for taking the time to visit our school to share information about being an audiologist. I especially enjoyed your enthusiasm about being [an audiologist]. I enjoyed how much you looked like you love your work.”

Student from Saunders Middle School

"I highly recommend Dr. Diane Badua Au.D. Her experience, coupled with her concern for my unique hearing needs, provides me state-of-the-art technology, which offers all the needed functions and features to hear the sounds around me, regardless of environment

E. Perley Eaton / Haymarket, VA

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